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Firework Safety for Your Celebration

Fire Damage
Author: ServiceMaster Restore

Proper fireworks safety can make the difference between an amazing, memorable celebration for you and your family or a tragic accident. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks injure thousands of people each year and can cause fires that lead to substantial property damage and even death. And while fireworks can be dangerous for anyone, the risk of injury is even higher for children.

Skip the close calls and emergencies with these fireworks safety tips from the experts at ServiceMaster Restore® – and make it a safe and enjoyable celebration for everyone.

The Basics

With some common sense and a few basic tips, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Consider these rules your starting point for handling fireworks responsibly:

  • DO obey all local laws.
  • DON'T let kids light fireworks or play near them unattended.
  • DO read all fireworks instructions and labels before you light them.
  • DON'T mix alcohol and fireworks.
  • DO wear safety glasses and protect your hair when lighting fireworks.
  • DON'T light more than one firework at a time.
  • DO move back from the firework as soon as you light it.
  • DON'T relight dud fireworks that fizzled out. Instead, wait 20 minutes, soak it in water and throw it out.
  • DO keep water buckets and a charged hose within easy reach.
  • DON'T try to make your own fireworks.
  • DO tell the local fire department if you see illegal fireworks.

Firework Safety for Kids

The little guys are going to be excited when the fireworks come out, so help them enjoy the experience safely. Talk to them about the rules and explain clearly that fireworks can pose a real injury and fire risk. Reassure any youngsters that you're in charge and it's going to be fun and safe, but only if they follow some rules:

  • No lighting fireworks.
  • No playing near fireworks alone.
  • Hold sparklers away from the body.
  • Hold sparklers away from other people.
  • No touching firework pieces on the ground after they explode.
  • Tell an adult if one of the other kids breaks a rule.

Pet Fireworks Safety

It's tempting to invite your furry friends to the celebration, but it's best for them to be somewhere secure and out of harm's way. Keep them safe with these easy tips:

  • Be sure your phone number is visible on a tag and keep your pets microchipped with updated information in case they do get scared and manage to run away.
  • Prepare a cozy crate or room where you can close the door and know they're safe during fireworks.
  • Play before the party. That way, they're ready to relax when it's time to crate them.
  • Tell any guests not to disturb your pets, their crate or their room. Put a sign on doors as a reminder.
  • Consult your veterinarian if you need options to sedate your pets if you know they are high-strung.

This year's celebration can be another great one as long as you follow these common-sense rules and safety practices when it comes to handling fireworks. Always seek immediate medical attention in the event of an injury, and if your property suffers smoke or fire damage, the professionals at ServiceMaster Restore® are standing by 24/7/365 to help. Contact us to learn how our restoration experts can help you get your home back to normal as quickly as possible, with best-in-class capabilities backed by decades of industry experience.