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Servicemaster's Water Mitigation Technicians Are Accessible 24/7

Residential Restoration
Author: ServiceMaster Restore

Water mitigation services reduce and prevent additional damage from developing after a leak, flood or other water disaster hits your home or business. Expert water mitigation technicians from ServiceMaster Restore are at-the-ready 24/7/365, even on holidays. Quick action following any type of water disaster is essential to reduce damage, prevent additional damage and to restore your property safely and effectively.

24/7 Service Makes a Difference

Let's look at three scenarios where the 24/7 service offered by ServiceMaster Restore can make a difference.

  1. Unattended lit candle leads to home fire and water damage from firefighting efforts.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, December is the peak month for home fires caused by candles. While candles are beautiful, if left unattended they can become an instrument for disaster and even death. It's easy during the hectic holiday season to rush out of the house to the kids' pageant and forget to douse a lit candle. A pet can bump a table, tipping the lit candle or a breeze from the furnace kicking on can waft a drapery too close to the flame, resulting in a house fire. Not only is there the devastation of a home fire, but there will be water damage from the firefighting efforts.

  1. Overflowed washing machine, dishwasher or bathtub.

Any time of year, but especially during the holidays, opening our home to guests typically means more loads of laundry to wash, more meals to cook, more dishes to clean and more bodies vying for bathroom time. It's never a convenient time to have a washing machine, dishwasher or bathtub overflow, but it's even more inconvenient when you have house guests. The ability to reach a trained water mitigation technician at any time of day or night, any day of the week makes a difficult, frustrating situation a bit more bearable.

  1. Pipes freeze causing water damage.

The horror of coming home from a warm, tropical vacation to discover your home's pipes froze while you were away, flooding a basement is awful. A swift, extreme dip in the temperatures plus non-insulated pipes can equal a burst pipe and significant water damage. When leaving a home overnight during the coldest season, never set the thermostat below 55-degrees Fahrenheit and be sure you've taken precautions to prevent pipe freezing and bursts. Whether it's a flooded basement, kitchen or other area of the home, water mitigation is needed to prevent further damage.

  1. What is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is the process of water damage assessment, control, additional damage prevention and restoration to the affected property and building materials. Water mitigation is more than just cleaning up the mess. It's a comprehensive process that includes the drying and restoration of substructures as needed to prevent the development of mold. Mold can begin to grow in as few as 24- to 48-hours after a water damage event. After calling your insurance company, contact ServiceMaster Restore for both fire and water mitigation services. Our experts arrive quickly and immediately begin to assess the damage and create a comprehensive plan to prevent additional damage and restore your property and home.