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Air ducts and their cleanliness are generally not given much attention because they are generally not inspected and thus most people do not realize the amount of dust and even debris that they contain. Just as cleaning out the trash or any other areas in your business or office is essential, it is essential to have clean air ducts.

Why clean the HVAC, air ducts and vents?

The absolute simple answer, air ducts, vents and grills accumulate dust and dirt over time and get dirty and thus need to be cleaned on a periodic time frame. There are many other advantages of commercial air duct cleaning discussed below to assist you.

What are the Advantages and Benefits of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Wichita?

Business-Class clients: Clean & well kept building & facilities enhance your corporate image and provide a healthy environment for your employees. To keep their facilities, every day tens of thousands of businesses, like yours, rely on ServiceMaster, and that is no small feat. With over 60 year’s experience, ServiceMaster has developed the most advanced and cutting edge proprietary cleaning methods. Our goal to hire the best people Wichita has to offer, train them and retain them so they perform as an extension of your staff, committed to making your facilities look its best.

Residential clients: Carpet cleaning is not the only thing that makes your home clean or that we do. We specialize in cleaning air-ducts and utilize some of the industry’s best professional air-duct cleaning equipment to serve you. Being part of an international organization with a track record of cleaning homes and business for over 60 years, we deliver exemplary service.

Our technicians are trained and carry the The CleanTrust certification. We are here to serve your needs in the good times and the bad. When you, your family, your friend or a neighbor experiences a fire or smoke damage, whether water damage from a flood or sump pump failure that may result in a wet home or basement, we will be there. We are not a “fly-by-night” out-of-town company, we are local. Our goal for all our clients is to bring them back to normal as quickly as we possibly can. We work with all major and minor insurance companies. We are a preferred vendor to many, however most importantly we work for you the client. We take pride in our work and will do our absolute best to make you completely satisfied. We don't desire to be Kansas’ biggest cleaning and or restoration business; we simply want to be the best for you. Thus “Best” is not just part of our name, it’s what we are and what we deliver. Thank-you for taking a moment visit and browse this website. On behalf of the ServiceMaster by Best team, we appreciate every opportunity that you have for us.

Here to Serve,

Sam Lazarus
Vice President of Disaster Cleanup & Restoration

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