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Posts from 2022

  • Wood Flooring Damage Replacement Tips Replacing Water Damaged Wood Flooring? Don’t Miss This Crucial Step Wood Needs To Be Replaced When wood or wood laminate flooring is damaged by water and needs to be replaced, it isn’t as simple as removing and immediately re-installing a new floor. You have to consider the ... Continue Reading
  • Why Crime Scenes Should Be Cleaned By Professionals Believe it or not, law enforcement isn’t responsible for cleanup follow violent crimes or situations. Once the scene of a crime is cleared, it is up to the property owner to handle the work — and that can be problematic. Depending on the nature of the crime and the ... Continue Reading
  • Water Leaks Inside Your Home ServiceMaster by Cornerstone, Memphis, TN It can be as simple as a toilet that was flushed, overflowed, and flooded your entire lower lever, or perhaps you’ve returned home to find a pool of water from your dishwater in your kitchen. Broken pipes and overflowing toilets in ... Continue Reading
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