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How much do you charge? At ServiceMaster by Integrity, we charge per area. We offer three service levels, Basic, Value, and Premium. Each offers the same phenomenal cleaning, but each offers a different level of service to meet your budget and needs. Budget - $35 per room* Value package - $40 per room* Premium package - $50 per room* *3 Room minimum. Trip charge may apply depending on location.

How often should I have my carpet cleaned? It depends on several factors such as having kids or pets in your home, the type of carpet you have, and a few others, including health issues. As a general rule, we recommend our customers to have their carpets cleaned at least once per year. Many of our customers have us clean 2 to 3 times per year.

Is it true that my carpets will get dirtier faster once I have them cleaned? Absolutely not, if they are cleaned properly. Our trained technicians know how to properly identify and clean all types of carpet. The most common reason carpets re-soil quickly after cleaning is cleaning residue being left in the carpet. At ServiceMaster by Integrity, our highly trained technicians and powerful truck-mounted equipment will ensure that your carpets are left with nothing but clean in them!

Does carpet protection really work? Yes. If a quality product such as Dupont Teflon is applied properly, absolutely. I tell all of our customers that the two best things they can do to prolong the life of their carpet are to vacuum often and make sure we re-apply Dupont Teflon after each cleaning. Dupont Teflon protects the fibers from liquid spills long enough for you to clean them up, and it helps with the vacuuming process by not allowing soil to bond with the carpet fibers.

I saw an ad for a company that will clean our carpets for $7.95 per room, why are you so much more? In our industry, we call this “bait & switch.” Companies that advertise these low prices bait customers to call them and book the job. When they arrive at your home, they have no intention of cleaning for the low price, and they pressure you to upgrade your cleaning. Many times the customer will ultimately pay MORE than what a reputable cleaning company would have charged and will receive a poor cleaning job to boot.

Do you work Saturdays? Absolutely. We have appointments six days per week for our residential customers and seven days per week for our commercial customers.