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Water Damage

  • What are the categories of a water damage? When you have a water damage, proper drying isn’t the only reason to call a professional restoration company. Not all water damages are created equal, and there are different types of water that pose varying risks to your property and health. The Institute of Inspection, ... Continue Reading
  • Basement Flooding In our area, basements are a must. Whether the basement is a home theater, man cave, or kid's bedrooms, we love the versatility and extra space they afford. Unfortunately, because basements are the lowest point in a home, they tend to be the first area to flood during any ... Continue Reading
  • Frozen and Burst Pipe Damage Repair & Restoration After Frozen Pipe Damage Dealing with frozen pipes in the winter is a common issue home and business owners face. Unfortunately, the aftermath can be costly. As temperatures plunge, water in pipes has a tendency to freeze and expand. This expansion puts ... Continue Reading