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How to Create and Maintain a Home Inventory

A home inventory can be a valuable resource for putting the pieces back together after a disaster strikes.

ServiceMaster Clean in a Wink recommends you compile a list of your belongings. A current, well-organized home inventory can help with insurance claims and make the restoration process less complicated.

Here are a few tips to help you create and maintain a home inventory.

Home inventory help

  • List and value every item. Keep your inventory at a close friend or relative’s home or saved online with a home inventory app. An inventory is something you should be able to reference throughout your claim and the damage restoration process.
  • Take advantage of time-saving technology. Home inventory apps make it easy to photograph personal items and add information like serial numbers, purchase amounts and descriptions. Photos are especially beneficial, as they allow everyone involved with your claim to visually document the exact condition of your items.
  • Update your inventory often. The pool table you just splurged on for your basement game room? The painting you acquired at that estate auction last weekend? Your newly upgraded laptop? These items should all be on your inventory list, and it’s never too soon to snap a photo and add them directly to your inventory. Whenever you make a large purchase, or any purchase you consider valuable, add it to your inventory while it’s still fresh in your mind. This is also a good time to delete items that you no longer own.

For more information about getting back on your feet after damage to your home or business, contact ServiceMaster Clean in a Wink in Wichita, Derby, Winfield and Hutchinson, Kan., at (316) 348-4464.