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Tornado Preparedness Tips for Your Office Staff

Large hail, greenish skies and low-lying or dark clouds. Kansans know the signs of tornadic activity well.

But if a tornado warning sounds while your employees are working, will they know what to do? Business owners and managers should make sure their staff is well-prepared going into severe weather season.

A good tornado preparedness plan should include at least the following details:

  • Who is responsible for alerting others of an imminent tornado
  • How you will communicate with staff members at the office or remotely
  • Where you can safely evacuate and seek shelter
  • How to contact each other and ensure everyone reaches safety
  • Who can administer first aid to anyone who has been injured
  • Which critical operations must be shut down before you evacuate and who is responsible for doing so
  • How to access documents and crucial business files outside of the office

As part of your business’ disaster preparedness efforts, we suggest you take steps to protect your company’s documents from water damage. Make an inventory of the paperwork you’d like to store safely and create digital copies on a separate hard drive or storage device.

Even if your office is working with reduced staff due to coronavirus concerns, make sure all workers know where to go and what to do if caught at work during severe weather.

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