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Don't Pay the Price for Waiting on a Flooded Basement

With all of the recent heavy rains, Worcester and Bristol County have experienced, ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning has had a surge of calls from customers with flooded basements from sump pump failures and groundwater deluges.  Because groundwater may not be covered by insurance and water levels can recede quickly, many homeowners think they can handle the problem themselves.  But the price they may pay for using their own Shop Vac and not calling professional help can end up being very costly.

If you have a flood in your basement, give us a call.  We can tell you what really needs to be done and, if called quickly, can often avoid demolition and salvage materials and contents.  Water can be pulled from wet carpets and wood floors, but if they have been wet for too long or if the material underneath is saturated, mold can begin to form very quickly.  Once mold has begun to grow on contents and furnishings, salvaging them becomes even more difficult.  The quicker you make the decision to get help, the more likely it is that you will be able to salvage anything.  With groundwater, you want to start the drying process within 24 hours of when you first see the water.  As soon as the level starts to recede, extraction and drying should begin.  Many times we are able to lift the carpet, remove the water and wet padding, and dry and save the carpeting.  Then all you'll need to replace is the pad.

And what if you wait or try to do it yourself? By trying to save money you may actually make things worse and more costly in the long run.  If the materials are too far gone, flooring and drywall will have to be removed and disposed of along with the contaminated contents and furnishings. Most insurance policies will cover the loss, but the deductible may be high and reimbursement can't replace your possessions.  So the total cost may end up being more than if you had taken quick action and called the experts. 

Prepare your property for a flood to avoid water damage:

  • Use sandbags to protect the property from floodwaters if there is sufficient time to do so
  • Have a professional install check valve in plumbing to prevent floodwaters from backing up into the drains
  • Store items in your basement in plastic storage containers rather than just placing them on the floor. 
  • Make sure the sump pump is working and install a battery-powered backup in case of a power outage. Install an alarm next to the pump for water overflows.
  • A sump pump should be contained in a perforated bucket liner with a cover to filter dirt and sediment from the water so the pump does not get clogged.
  • Ensure the electric circuit breakers are clearly marked for each area of your home. Turn off power to flooded areas in the event of water infiltration. (Do not enter areas with standing water while electricity is on!)
  • Evaluate your insurance policy to determine if flood insurance is right for your property. Flood insurance is reasonably affordable if you live outside of a flood zone.

Hopefully, you will never have to worry about excess rain.  But if the water should begin to rise, give ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning a call at(800) 865-5157 or Contact Us Now and we'll be there to help.  It could be the best call you make.