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Mold Remediation Services- What to Expect

Why call a professional for mold remediation?

There is more to mold remediation than just removing visual mold. It is likely that there is mold growing behind what you see on the surface. Attempting to remove mold yourself could make matters worse by releasing mold spores into the air. We have the resources and the experience to deal with mold jobs too big for homeowners. Mold gradually destroys anything it grows on, our methodical approach prevents cross-contamination. The presence of mold often indicates an underlying moisture issue. We inspect common water loss areas for water damage in addition to assessing the mold conditions. 

What to expect from our mold remediation services.

  • We will find and remove the water intrusion.
  • Isolate the areas with mold to prevent the spread to uncontaminated areas.
  • Establish a controlled environment with negative air and physical barriers.
  • Remediate the mold using special chemicals and infrared technology.
  • Keep the air clean with specialty equipment and air scrubbers.
  • Remove any building materials such as drywall or carpeting and dispose of infected items properly.
  • The remaining structures are treated with EPA registered products.
  • Once complete, we can put everything back together and get you back to a clean and healthy home.

ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning is trained to handle mold damage of any size in your home or business. With over 20 years in the mold remediation industry, we have seen it all. From minor mold behind the wall caused by a leaking kitchen pipe to a mold infestation that spread to the entire home.

This property had a leaking chimney that went unnoticed behind the wall for quite some time. Our technicians removed the drywall to access the mold-ridden wood structure. Once exposed, we treated and sealed the wall studs to prevent any further mold growth. 

Exposed wall

Working on an exposed wall

Exposed wall

Mold growth is common in basements and attics because of high humidity. This business used the building's basement for file storage. When they discovered mold growing on the wooden beams, they called us to remediate the mold before it could spread to their important documents.

Mold in a closet

Another office building experienced water damage from a broken pipe burst. If not treated promptly, water damage can cause mold to grow in as little as 24 hours. Our technicians discovered mold growing behind the wallpaper of this office when completing the water damage cleanup. We contained the areas as we cleaned, removed the drywall, and sanitized the mold damage.

Exposed wall

This home's boiler failed, creating a steamy situation that sent condensation throughout the whole home. Untreated, the home was subject to extensive mold damage.

Molded Ceiling

Exposed living room

Another home suffered storm damage when a tree came down on its roof. Once the storm has passed, the roof was tarped for protection until the roof could be repaired. Unfortunately, the rain had already done its part and saturated the attic with water and subsequent mold damage.       Attic

If you need mold remediation in your home or business, we can help. ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning is available 24/7/365. Contact us at (800) 865-5157.