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Top Fire Safety Tips For Summer

The summer season brings a flourish of activities. Seasonal events like backyard cookouts, family camping trips, and 4th of July fireworks are all typical traditions. Home fires are most common during the fall and winter months but the risk of fire damage does not decrease with people spending more time outdoors. Learn how to stay safe this summer with these recommendations. 

Fire Safety Tips:


  • Keep grills away from the home and overhangs.
  • Be sure to clean the grill regularly. A build-up of grease and food debris can cause flare-ups.
  • Only light a gas grill with the cover open.
  • When cooking with charcoal, make sure to dispose of the coals in a metal container once they have fully cooled.


  • First and foremost, follow all local laws and ordinances. It is illegal for private citizens to possess fireworks in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Many people assume that sparklers are a safe alternative to fireworks. But the temperature of sparklers can reach up to 1200º! If you choose to use sparklers, always supervise children when using them and teach them not to wave them around.
  • Have a bucket of water ready to extinguish sparklers or if something should go wrong.


  • Keep campfires small and controllable.
  • Never leave your fire unattended.
  • Have a hose or shovel for dirt ready if the fire gets out of hand.
  • Before leaving the campsite, fully extinguish the fire with water and dirt, stirring until all the embers are cool. The best method is to extinguish, stir, and then extinguish again. 

Torches and Candles

  • Extinguish flames before going in for the night.
  • Make sure the torch is secured in the ground to avoid tipping over.
  • Place candles on a stable surface and away from flammable materials.
  • Store tiki torch fuel away from the flame.
  • Make sure they are fully cool before storing them. 


  • Book only in hotels or rental properties that are equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.
  • Test to make sure the smoke detectors are working properly. 
  • Review the building's fire escape plan when you check in.
  • Check that the windows are functioning and you have two clear ways out in the event of a fire.
  • Know the address of where you are staying in case you need to call for help. 

Summer activities can create a lifetime of memories. Don't let a devastating fire be one of them. Practice fire safety with these tips to keep your summer free of fire damage. But accidents do happen and we are here when you need us. Our fire damage services are available 24/7/365. Contact us for more information.