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Fire Prevention

  • Types of Fire Extinguishers Prevent Fire Damage by Choosing the Correct Extinguisher We have seen every type of fire in our 20+ years of experience in fire damage restoration. There are different types of fire extinguishers made for different fires, like grease, chemical, and electrical. Each requires ... Continue Reading
  • Fire Safety Tips According to the U.S. Fire Administration and FEMA, more than 3,500 Americans die each year in fires and approximately 18,300 are injured. Deaths from fires and burns are the third leading cause of fatal home injury. An overwhelming number of fires occur in the home. ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Steps to Stop College Housing Fires On average, 3,800 house fires occur in college housing each year 1 . With many students heading to college for the first time, it is important to remind them of fire hazards while living in college dorms, Greek housing, or off-campus housing. 94% of fatal college fires took ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Ways To Prevent Wildfires The majority of wildfires are caused by humans 1 . In 2017, there were 63,546 human-caused wildfires that burned nearly 5 million acres. 2 Natural wildfire outbreaks are typically started by lightning strikes igniting dry vegetation during periods of drought. We see many ... Continue Reading
  • How to Keep Warm and Prevent Space Heater Fires During the winter months and extremely low temperatures, we see many home and business owners turning to alternative sources of heat. 50% of home heating fires occur during the months of December, January, and February. Whether to save on energy costs or to warm up a drafty ... Continue Reading
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