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  • Mold Remediation Services- What to Expect Why call a professional for mold remediation? There is more to mold remediation than just removing visual mold. It is likely that there is mold growing behind what you see on the surface. Attempting to remove mold yourself could make matters worse by releasing mold spores ... Continue Reading
  • Common Mold Questions Answered At ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning, we deal with disasters every day. However, we know that the typical property owner will experience only a handful in their lifetime, so it's understandable that you may have questions. Mold is a common occurrence after a water loss when the ... Continue Reading
  • Top 15 Tips to Protect Your Home From Mold The best way to avoid having damage from mold growth in your home is to stop mold from growing at all. And when it comes to keeping your home mold-free, the best defense is a strong offense. Eliminate moisture from your home and be on the lookout for signs of possible ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage Can Lead to Mold Months after Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern coast of the United States, health officials of several states are warning residents that toxic mold may be growing on contaminated areas. And if left untreated, this mold poses a serious health risk. In New York, thousands of ... Continue Reading