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How To Restore Electronics From Smoke And Soot Damage

How To Restore Electronics From Smoke And Soot Damage

Once the flames of a fire have been put out, you tend to realize that there are considerable smoke and soot damage. Smoke, soot and other corrosive byproducts of fire continue to cause damage to your personal belongings and your property. Smoke and soot damage is not addressed promptly can often be permanent. So not only will you have considerable expenditure restoring your property but also in replacing the items that were ruined because of these corrosive byproducts.

Can Smoke Damage Electronics?

Yes- smoke and especially soot can harm your electronics. Most modern day electronics are sensitive, so it’s important to act quickly and try to clean your electronics so that you don’t have to replace them.

How Are Electronics Damaged From Fires and Smoke?

While sometimes your electronics might display damage on their exteriors, they could also look fine outside and be damaged on the inside. Fire, smoke, and soot can damage your electronics in different manners.

Fire-Damaged Electronics

Since most electronics are made of plastic and metal, when exposed to extremely high temperatures, they could produce toxins damaging the electronics. If the damaged electronics are used, they could further produce hazardous chemicals.

Smoke-Damaged Electronics

Smoke can enter the interior components of your electronics leaving a thin black film which acts as an insulation. This made the electronic equipment more prone to being overheated which can lead to the equipment failing prematurely. Smoke can also cause electronic equipment to short-circuit which can be a fire hazard.

Soot-Damaged Electronics

Soot is a black residue formed due to incomplete combustion. Soot is acidic and can cause corrosion on the interiors as well as the exterior of an electronic device and decrease their lifespan.

It is advisable to not turn on any electronic equipment after they were in a fire since the damage might not be apparent on the surface. You should also turn off the electrical main line to your property because the electrical system might have been damaged too.

When trying to restore items after a fire, it is best to hire a professional restoration service such as Service Master Elite Cleaning Service. If you try to clean the smoke or soot yourself, you could end up doing further damage. Our professionals are extensively trained and experienced in residential smoke and soot damage as well as commercial fire and smoke damage services. They will be able to address the issue promptly and will attempt to limit the damage as much as possible. If you are in need of disaster restoration services, contact us today. We provide customized restoration solutions tailored to best suit your needs.