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Hurricane Preparedness for Business Owners: After a Hurricane

It is important to stay safe in the aftermath of a hurricane. Follow these basic do’s and don’ts of hurricane cleanup safety to protect you and your family after a hurricane.


Do clean and disinfect everything that was wet. Mud left from floodwater can contain sewage, bacteria, and chemicals.

Do Avoid drinking tap water until you know its safe. If unsure, boil or purify it first.

Do watch out for snakes, wasp nests and other displaced wildlife while cleaning storm debris.

Do wear personal protective equipment to avoid injury from possible exposure to mold and bacteria, including gloves, goggles and n95 masks.

What Not to DoDon’t.

Don’t wade in flood waters, which can contain dangerous debris like broken glass, sewage, gas, oil and downed power lines.

Don’t use electrical equipment if it is wet or if you are standing in water.

Don’t enter a building until it has been inspected for damage to the electrical system, gas lines, septic systems and water lines or wells.

Don’t eat food from a flooded garden. When in doubt throw it out.

ServiceMaster Elite is your 24/7/365 Hurricane Response Experts to mobilize and restore order to your business following a hurricane, tropical storm or natural disaster. Check out more on on our Hurricane Preparedness Guide by reading, Preparing for a Hurricane and During a Hurricane.

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