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Water Damage Scarborough Maine

If you are having a Water Damage Scarborough Maine, call the professionals as soon as possible.

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Wood floors are especially susceptible to water damage because a significant amount of water on a wood floor can cause it to soak up the moisture.  When this happens, the wood may begin cupping. This condition starts with the wood itself.  The wood for floors is usually kiln dried to a moisture content of about 12% to 14% before it even leaves the factory.  That is so dry that the manufacturers recommend that wood flooring be stored in the home for at least three days to equalize the moisture content in the wood to the air.  That way, the wood floor will lay flat when installed. Because it is on the water, Scarborough also stays humid and will make it more difficult to repair once wood has swollen.

Most all of these wood floor boards have a finish on them to protect the wood.  When lots of water is introduced and soaked up through the floor seams, the wood underneath begins to swell with moisture.  Because of the finish on top of the wood, the moisture won’t be absorbed in this area and sides of the floor boards start to curl up, producing the “cupping” effect.

Proper drying equipment and know-how is essential to reversing this cupping effect. Additionally, speed is critical.  Damage can become irreversible in a short period of time, so call ServiceMaster as soon as possible for the best chance of salvaging those wood floors. It is important to note that most mold remediation happens after a flood or water damage event that hasn’t been properly mitigated. Mold remediation can be far more expensive than the initial water damage repair.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration has 24/7 Emergency Service for all Water Damage Scarborough Maine including sewage, groundwater, ice dams, burst pipes and plumbing malfunctions. Call us today to get an immediate response. We have state of the art equipment and IICRC certified technicians. You will always reach a live person.

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With locations in Oxford and Falmouth, we can always be ready for an emergency.  We work with virtually every insurance company including the large carriers such as State FarmNationwideFarmersLiberty Mutual and MetLife as well as regional carriers. We are Maine State Certified for Mold Removal. For small damages up the coast to Brunswick and carpet cleaning call to schedule anytime.