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Posts from 2018

  • How to React to Frozen Pipes in Your Home When cold weather approaches, it’s easy to remember to prepare yourself for the cold by bundling up. But it’s also important to prepare your home for the cold, too. There are several issues around your home that can arise with cold temperatures, including a greater ... Continue Reading
  • How Air Duct Cleaning Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs Air ducts are hardly given a second thought. These conduits for passing cooled or heated air throughout the home are out of sight, often behind walls or high along the ceiling, and, as a result, out of mind. Cleaning the air ducts is rarely a priority for most homeowners. A ... Continue Reading
  • The Cost of Cleaning and Restoring a Flooded Basement As unfortunate as it may be, basements are prone to flooding. Their location at the lowest level of a building and usually underground makes them prone – water always runs from high to low ground, so it can easily find its way into a basement. Whether the excess water comes ... Continue Reading
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