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A Checklist for the Fall to Prevent Any Disasters

As summer comes to an end and the chilly breeze starts to pick up, it’s important to not only get our wardrobe ready for the colder weather but, our home as well. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is dedicated to making sure you have an easy transition from the fall to the winter, check out the tips below to make sure your home is ready for this!

Inside of the home

Although it may seem like the inside of your home is prepared or protected from any exterior events/weather, there’s always a couple of things you definitely want to look into before the snow starts to fall.

Doors and Windows

It may not be an obvious thing to spot but, it’s very crucial to make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed. Aside from making sure your home stayed cool for the summer, it makes sure things stay out as well such as rain, snow, and insects. Once temperatures start drastically dropping, properly sealed doors and windows will also help save you money by keeping the warmth in and the cold out.


Although basements are at the bottom of your household, they shouldn’t be at the bottom of your inspection list. Making sure your basement doesn’t have any leaks or holes that can allow any animals or rodents in is crucial to ensure a safe home for the winter.


Being the closest area to the roof, your attic is prone to water leaks that can cause some serious water damage if not spotted quickly. Checking for holes and making sure your insulation is intact

can make all the difference when it comes to keeping snow, water and animals outside of your home.

ceiling damage

Outside of Your Home

Being the most important part for preventing any damage to your home, inspecting the outside of your home is crucial.

Your Roof

It sees its way out of all 4 seasons and can cause some major damage if the wear and tear isn’t taken care of. Making sure your roof isn’t missing any shingles or checking the gutters and drains is a good way to prevent leaks in the attic and any morphing of its shape.


If your home happens to have trees in the in the front or back yard, it’s important to have a professional look them over and trim them if need be. Having them inspected can prevent any limbs from breaking off and damaging your roof or shattering some windows.


If any of your pipes are exposed, it’s important to get them insulated to prevent them from freezing and causing you any water damage costs. We hope these tips come in handy and if you have any water damage restoration needs, the professionals at ServiceMaster Kwik Restore are available at 888 SM-KWIK1 24/7 to help.