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Water Damage Restoration Company – Racine, WI

eople spend so much of their time in their homes and places of business that it is important to keep these places protected from the effects of a natural disaster.

A natural disaster such as a storm, fire, or flood can happen at virtually any time and without quick action, the damage can become quite severe.

As soon as you notice any damage to your home or business from a natural disaster in Racine, WI, contact ServiceMaster Kwik Restore right away for professional disaster restoration services.

ServiceMaster Kwik Restore provides complete disaster restoration services for homes and businesses in Racine, WI and the surrounding areas.

As one of ServiceMaster’s Quality Restoration Vendors (QRV), we work meticulously to ensure that we fully restore your home or building back to its original condition after a disaster, and we are committed to providing outstanding customer service throughout the process.

We have also built professional relationships with the main insurance providers in the Racine, WI area so we can work with your insurance company and help you process your claims.

In most cases of property damage, excess water or moisture is the culprit.

Water damage is the most common type of property damage because there are a large number of causes from rain and natural floods to pipe bursts, overflows, backups, and leaking appliances or plumbing fixtures.

While this makes it difficult to prevent water damage on your property, you can help limit the damage by taking quick action when it occurs.

Excess water can get absorbed into many common building materials like wood and drywall, and when these materials absorb too much water, they become vulnerable to mold and structural damage.

At ServiceMaster Kwik Restore, we respond quickly to water damage emergencies to stop the spread of the water and dry the affected areas and materials before the excess water causes significant damage or mold growth.

It is difficult to imagine a more destructive disaster on your property than a fire. Fires can start in an instant and cause widespread damage while putting the lives of those inside at serious risk.

While the fire itself is responsible for serious structural damage and charring, the byproducts that it leaves behind can cause even more damage after the fire is out.

Smoke, soot, and various corrosive byproducts can cause discoloration and corrosion of surfaces and objects on the property and even spread to areas that were unaffected by the fire itself.

Our technicians at ServiceMaster Kwik Restore are trained and equipped to provide complete fire damage restoration services for homes and businesses.

We can help repair damage caused by the fire as well as clean and restore objects affected by soot and corrosive byproducts before the damage becomes permanent.

ServiceMaster Kwik Restoreis standing by 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies in Racine, WI. The disaster restoration services we provide consist of the following:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold removal
  • Odor removal
  • Emergency board-ups
  • Commercial large loss

Many homeowners and business owners choose ServiceMaster Kwik Restore because:

  • Our technicians are screened thoroughly during the hiring process.
  • We keep our technicians up to date with the latest industry practices through on the job training and classroom instruction.
  • Our cleaning products and equipment are the best available.
  • Our technicians work effectively and efficiently with an emphasis on providing great customer service.

You can also contact us for a range of residential and commercial cleaning services.

Make sure you contact ServiceMaster Kwik Restore right away at 847-908-5914 if you need emergency disaster restoration services for your home or business in Racine, WI and the surrounding areas.