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  • How to Protect Your Home from Mold in the Summer Especially for areas like the Midwest, the weather can get pretty humid in the summertime. Humidity refers to the level of moisture in the air which can cause a number of problems for homeowners if they aren’t careful. Both health and structural issues will arise from ... Continue Reading
  • Carpet Cleaning – Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro? Foot traffic, pets, children and the likely possibility of occasional spills warrant regular carpet cleanings. Experts recommend deep cleaning the carpet every 12 to 18 months, and more often in instances when giggling kids tend to track soiled footprints across the ... Continue Reading
  • The Dangers of a Decomposing Body A crime or trauma scene can occur at any time and it is important to be prepared for this type of situation. A serious accident or injury that results in death can be traumatizing to discover, but it may also be more damaging than that. Bodily fluids and blood from the dead ... Continue Reading
  • Finding Reliable Post Construction Cleaning Services for Commercial Buildings The construction site is a chaotic scene of haphazard wooden structural pieces, paint splatters, glass shards, scattered nails and sawdust. Nearly every inch of the commercial space is littered with debris. The jumble of dust and debris even makes its way into the ... Continue Reading
  • Hidden Mold: What to Do If I Can Smell Mold but Can’t Find It Mold, when it flourishes indoors, exudes an odor. Experts liken the smell of mold to a forest lush with earthy vegetation, soil and decaying wood. Others connect the scent of dirt lying beneath decayed leaves with the smell of mold. More homely descriptions suggest mold ... Continue Reading
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