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Water Damage Restoration in Peoria, IL

Helping You Restore Your Home From Water Damage

ServiceMaster of Central Illinois will provide fast, dependable service to mitigate the water damage, dry out, and restore your Peoria home.

We understand that experiencing any kind of damage to your home can be difficult. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with ServiceMaster of Central Illinois. We are a leader in water damage restoration and have been serving Central Illinois for over 40 years.

Our emergency technicians are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will arrive on site within 2 – 4 hours to being any necessary emergency drying. To ensure your home is restored quickly, we use the most advanced products, procedures, and equipment.

Looking for water damage restoration services near you? We’ve got you covered! Call (309) 328-8878 or contact us online.

What Is Involved In Water Damage Restoration?

At ServiceMaster of Central Illinois, our Peoria water damage restoration team is committed to helping you when faced with water-related issues in your home or business.

Our process includes water removal and drying of affected areas, removal and restoration of damaged materials, and thorough cleaning to prevent the growth of mold.

We understand the stress that can come with water damage and strive to deliver superior service throughout the entire restoration process. Our water damage restoration team is here for you so rest assured you will be taken care of.

How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take?

Water damage restoration is a complex and often time-consuming task, and the duration of such a project can vary drastically based on the severity of water damage.

Generally, water damage restoration projects can take anywhere from a few days up to several weeks or longer depending on the size and extent of water-affected areas.

By consulting with our experienced water damage professionals, you can get an idea of what timeline you should expect for your specific project.

Our water damage restoration process includes:

  • Phase 1: Emergency Response – Job Site Inspection and Assessment
  • Phase 2: Water Removal and Drying – Daily Inspection of Job Progress
  • Phase 3: Re-installation and Cleaning, if necessary

For professional water damage restoration services in Peoria, IL, call (309) 328-8878 or contact us online today.

    What is Water Mitigation?

    Water mitigation is a process where we work to minimize or prevent damage caused by water incidents like leaks, floods, or burst pipes. Our primary goal is to swiftly reduce the impact of water damage by taking immediate and appropriate actions. This involves a combination of emergency response, water extraction, drying, and dehumidification.

    Key Steps in Our Water Mitigation Process:

    1. Emergency Response: Swift action is crucial. Our rapid response helps minimize the extent of damage and prevents secondary issues like mold growth.
    2. Water Extraction: We use specialized equipment to remove standing water from the affected areas efficiently.
    3. Drying and Dehumidification: Thorough drying and dehumidification processes follow water extraction. This prevents lingering moisture that can lead to mold and structural damage.
    4. Cleaning and Sanitization: We clean and disinfect affected surfaces, preventing bacterial or microbial growth and ensuring a safe environment.
    5. Monitoring: We continuously monitor moisture levels and environmental conditions to track the progress of the mitigation process.
    6. Documentation: Detailed documentation of the mitigation process, including before-and-after assessments, is crucial for insurance claims and future reference.

    Our water mitigation efforts are a critical first step in the water damage restoration process. We aim to preserve property integrity, prevent health hazards, and create conditions conducive to successful restoration. If you suffer water damage in your home, contact ServiceMaster of Central Illinois today for professional water mitigation.

    For more information about our water damage mitigation services in Peoria, IL, call (309) 328-8878 or contact us online today.

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