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The first step of water damage cleanup is identifying what type of water you have in your Memphis home. How your property is restored will depend on how clean the water is, and what contaminants might be present. Water is categorized as clean, gray, or black, depending on the source of the water. At ServiceMaster of Germantown, we understand the distinction, and know how to properly treat each type of water to protect the health of your home and its occupants.

Clean Water
This category includes any water that does not pose a threat to your health. Clean water includes any water that comes directly from the faucet or from rain. If a water line into the house breaks or rainwater makes its way through a leak in the roof, or another similar event occurs, that water is initially clean. Within a few hours of entering your home and coming into contact with the varied materials in the building, however, even water from a clean source can be categorized as gray water due to the chemicals it picks up along the way.

Gray Water
This water is potentially a risk to your health due to the possible presence of hazardous chemicals or other materials. Water that has been used to wash hands, in the shower, dishwasher, washing machine, and other such drained water, is potentially harmful. After extended contact with materials in your home, however, gray water can progress to black water.

Black Water
Black water is known to contain hazardous materials and is a definite health risk. This includes sewage, which always contains bacteria and other matter that can cause severe health issues. Any floodwaters that would have come into contact with soil, pavement, machinery, or other surfaces containing hazardous materials is classified as black water as well. If you experience water damage from black water, it is vital that proper cleaning safety procedures are followed to prevent illness.

If you experience water damage in your Memphis home, call ServiceMaster of Germantown today!