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In Germantown TN water damage and flood damage can occur within any property. All it takes is an old appliance or an old pipe to leak or even a faulty toilet to flood any property. But when a property is flooded you should know that there are different types of flooding that can occur, such as clear water and black water flooding. Below discusses the differences between the two and how the Germantown TN water damage remediation process can differ.

Clear Water Flooding:

Of the two flood types we are discussing, the first is called “clear water flooding”. This flood type is less serious of the two and can be a task to cleanup and repair without difficulties. The reason for the “clear water” moniker is because when your property is flooded, the source is from a pipe or water line containing clean, clear water.

For clear water flooding, the Germantown water damage restoration process is straightforward. With ServiceMaster of Germantown, our restoration technicians will inspect the damages, extract standing water, sanitize surfaces and content to avoid mold and bacteria growth, dry the affected area using a variety of specialty designed equipment, and make any necessary repairs.

Black Water Flooding

The second type of flooding is called “black water flooding”. This is the flood type you want to avoid at all costs. Black water flooding is extremely difficult to handle due to the contaminated water that has flooded a property. Black water flooding can occur due to a sewage backup or when water from the outdoors has breached and flooded your property.

What makes black water flooding so difficult is the fact the water contains numerous amounts of contaminants such as sewage, bacteria, dirt, mites, and several other hazardous contaminants. For the restoration process, black water flooding requires a completely different approach, as specialized cleaning equipment will be required, powerful cleaners will be needed, and an extended period of time is also needed in comparison to clear water flooding. This is all because restoration experts will need to ensure that the structures and materials in the affected area are all thoroughly sterilized of bacteria and mold. And when structures have become saturated with bacteria-infested black water, it’s nearly impossible to thoroughly sanitize, and in most cases it’s best to completely replace a structure than attempt to clean infested materials.

The flood repair and cleanup process for black water flooding can become a challenging task, as black floodwater may contain sewage, bacteria, filth, and several other impurities. A restoration process for black water flooding will require specialized cleaning equipment, powerful cleaning agents, and time, to eliminate and sanitize items from microbes, mites, and mold.

When you need services for Germantown TN water damage or flood damage remediation and restoration services, contact the restoration specialists at ServiceMaster of Germantown. With our restoration services, we will transform your property back to its rightful state. Contact us today for more information on Collierville and Germantown TN water damage remediation services.