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Posts from 2021

  • FIRE DAMAGE TIPS Even if the fire department doesn't declare your property damage to be "catastrophic," the aftermath of a house fire is devastating. It's hard for property owners to know what to do once the fire marshall leaves, and you're on your own. 1. CALL A FIRE DAMAGE EXPERT It can ... Continue Reading
  • TIPS FOR HANDLING WATER DAMAGE Damage to your home can be an extremely overwhelming situation for any homeowner. It can also be very difficult to know what to do to properly handle the situation. Water damages are one of the most common homeowner's claims, so it's a good idea to keep a few common tips in ... Continue Reading
  • WHAT TO DO ABOUT WATER-DAMAGED HARDWOOD FLOORS Many homeowners take great pride in their flooring, especially high-quality flooring like authentic hardwood. Unfortunately, floors are common victims of water damage, from various sources from water heater leaks to natural disasters. If you find your floors have been ... Continue Reading
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