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Posts from 2020

  • Water Damage in Iowa: ServiceMaster Helps for Six Weeks! Water damaged their homes. Waiting was the hardest part. In the uncomfortable aftermath of straight-line winds racing through your neighborhood at over 110 mph, blowing your roof off, and disturbing the contents of your home, waiting. Waiting and knowing that someone is ... Continue Reading
  • The Ultimate Winter Cleaning Checklist Why winter cleaning? Winter cleaning is important before the snow flies. Ahh, that uncomfortable time of year when the days get shorter, the temperature starts to drop, and it begins to feel more like winter. The holidays are coming around and it is about time to pull out ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Tips for Cleaning Up Water Damage Here are 7 tips for cleaning up water damage . After your home has experienced water damage , you will find yourself cleaning up a watery mess. Whether it is ripping up carpet or tiles, tearing down drywall, and/or replacing furnishings, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you ... Continue Reading
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