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Frozen Pipes Water Damage Cleanup in Garland, TX

Serving the Dallas and Garland, TX areas since 1978

While temperatures do not often fall below freezing in the northern parts of Texas, it does happen on occasion. And unfortunately, the residents of Garland, TX face the risk of frozen pipes.

While they can be prevented, it’s impossible to ensure that it will never happen. When it does, contact a professional disaster restoration company right away.

ServiceMaster of North Texas provides water damage repair from frozen pipes in the Garland, TX area. Available to serve both residential and commercial properties, we can arrive within 2 hours of your first call to start removing excess water. We can also repair building materials if they were permanently damaged during the burst.

How to Prevent Frozen PipesServiceMaster-of-North-Texas-Frozen-Pipes-Dallas-and-Garland-TX

While frozen pipes can never be fully prevented, these steps can significantly reduce the chances of it happening anytime soon. Check out the following:

  • Cover exterior piping with insulation or electrical tape to prevent the water from freezing.
  • Place a space heater near the pipes during extreme temperatures.
  • Turn off the exterior water supply. Empty out hoses and sprinklers and store them in the garage throughout winter.
  • Open the cabinets under the bathroom and kitchen sink during extreme temperatures to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes.
  • Turn on both faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen to allow water to continue flowing through the indoor pipes.

Finding Frozen Pipes – What to Do

After seeing what kind of damage frozen pipes can cause to building materials, finding one on your property can lead to scary thoughts. While it is important to remain calm, don’t hesitate to address the situation right away as there is limited time to thaw them out. Take the following steps to prevent the pipe from bursting:

  • Test the water pressure by turning on the water faucets. Frozen pipes are usually caused by low water pressure.
  • Inspect the pipes carefully for fissures, bulges, frost, or ice.
  • Keep the water flowing throughout the affected supply line.

How to Thaw Frozen Pipes

As soon as you have turned the water on to the affected pipe, don’t hesitate to begin thawing out the pipe. You can start by using a hairdryer to blow hot air on the affected area. Then work your way to the faucet and to push the ice out. If the pipe is inaccessible, such as behind the wall, here’s what you can do:

  • Use a heat lamp to heat the wall with the frozen pipe. This kind of heat will pass through the drywall and heat the pipe on the other side.
  • Turn the heat up in the affected area.
  • Remove the building materials covering the frozen pipe. While doing this can be extreme, it will be ruined anyway if the pipe does burst.

There should be no hesitation taken towards addressing a frozen pipe. But many often go unnoticed until they burst, flooding the entire surrounding area and ruining building materials and contents. In this situation, immediately turn off the water line. Then call ServiceMaster of North Texas to remove the excess water and restore the affected area. Our technicians are available 24/7 to help during these emergencies.

ServiceMaster of North Texas can provide emergency water damage cleanup from frozen pipes in the Dallas and Garland, TX areas can be reached at (972) 840-8888. We work with insurance.