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Contents Restoration and Pack Out Services in Garland, TX

Serving the Garland, TX area since 1978

Having a fire or water disaster can turn everything upside down, leaving you unsure of how to get a handle on things. But when it comes to restoration services, many companies will only repair the building materials. As for your damaged personal items, you may have to seek out another vendor to do the cleaning.

However, ServiceMaster of North Texas provides emergency content cleaning and pack-out services in addition to restoration services in the Garland, TX area to fully restore your property to its original condition. Our specialists have years of experience and will carefully handle each damaged item with care, applying the necessary products to have it restored to its original condition. However, if the condition of your home or building does not allow for the proper restoration of your belongings to be done on-site, we will gladly pack and transport them to our climate-controlled facility for special cleaning.

Content Restoration and Packout Services

Contents Restoration

When personal items have been damaged, it can be a traumatic experience as certain items will have sentimental or monetary value that makes them difficult to replace. These can include family heirlooms, diamonds, and important documents. However, with content cleaning services, ServiceMaster of North Texascan provide some peace of mind and save even the most heavily-damaged items.

With the ability to restore a number of different materials, these services can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs as well as the stress of losing any belongings with sentimental value. But in order to save as many items from sustaining permanent damage as possible, it is crucial to call right away as the damage can spread to become permanent within a certain period of time. Finally, we can also have your content restored at our facility if your property was severely damaged.

Pack-Out Services

We have a proven process for inventorying, packing and safely transporting your contents and furniture to a safe location. We will also clean, restore, deodorize, re-pack, and store personal possessions until the structural restoration is complete. Our on-site handheld mobile computer automates our inventory process, records each inventory item, and tracks the status of your belongings from removal to replacement. They will then be stored at our climate-controlled facility until the restoration process on your home or building is finished.

When you are ready, your technician will then deliver them to your door. We also work with insurance during the claims process to allow you to focus on other matters during the this process.ServicMaster team packing boxes

During the pack out and contents restoration process, ServiceMaster of North Texas will:

  • Inventory, pack and transport your belongings to our climate-controlled warehouse
  • Provide a printed copy of the inventory as items are moved to our warehouse
  • Restore, clean, deodorize, re-pack and store items in our warehouse as necessary and agreed upon
  • Track and document contents throughout the restoration cycle
  • Arrange for re-delivery of items

If your belongings have been severely damaged from a natural disaster, it is crucial to have them cleaned and restored right away as the damage can spread to become permanent over time. But you should never attempt to clean them yourself as any home remedies can make the damage even worse.

For those living in the Garland, TX area, call ServiceMaster of North Texas to have your contents professionally cleaned at (972) 284-0757. We are also available 24/7 for pack-out services in the event that your property’s condition does not allow for the belongings to be restored on-site.