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Water Damage

  • The Carpet Flood Water Extraction Process Walking into a home that has undergone sudden flooding is an unpleasant surprise. Even more worrisome is when the brand-new custom carpet is submerged in several inches of water. Under certain conditions, the water extraction process can potentially save the carpet. What ... Continue Reading
  • How to Handle a Flooded Kitchen A flood in the kitchen can be one of the most stressful experiences as a homeowner. You may have to deal with insurance, broken appliances, and long-lasting problems from water damage such as mold. Not only that, but you obviously can’t cook with a flooded kitchen or clean ... Continue Reading
  • Why You Should Call a Professional for Water Damage Restoration When your property has suffered water or flood damage , it can be a stressful situation to deal with. Not only can your property be filled with standing water, but your personal belongings may have suffered damage as well. However, you may feel as though you can handle this ... Continue Reading
  • Signs of a Water Leak Inside a Wall Sometimes the signs of a water leak are obvious; water pooling under an appliance or gushing from a broken pipe in the basement . This makes it easy to find the leak and repair the problem quickly. Unfortunately, not every situation is so noticeable, such as when water is ... Continue Reading
  • How to Fix a Leaking Water Heater Hot water runs through homes via a water heater, supplying misty, hot streams through your shower head, a sanitizing mix of hot and warm during dishwasher cycles, and temperate water into your kitchen sink. Hot water is invaluable. You control the temperature of heated water ... Continue Reading