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Posts from 2021

  • The Business of Relationships There comes a point in the life of a person or a business when the realization of the importance of relationships hits home. The goal of a business is to be profitable, but sometimes, profit happens naturally when we are doing the right thing. When a business is ... Continue Reading
  • Tips to Winter Proof your Home The temperatures are dropping with the fall leaves, and winter is inevitably approaching. While there are many things to look forward to – hot chocolate, snowball fights, and Christmas music – harsh weather on a house that is not prepared can quickly put a damper on things. ... Continue Reading
  • The 411 on Water Mitigation A large part of my job at ServiceMaster is to communicate what we do as a company. It was all pretty confusing at first, but over the past year or so, as I have come to understand our company and industry more, I’ve become better at it. In a nutshell, we provide disaster ... Continue Reading
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