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Odor Removal

Unpleasant odors can infiltrate your home or office from a variety of sources such as smoke, mold, and dead animals and it usually requires professional services to completely remove the odor from a building. ServiceMaster Professional Services provides odor cleanup services in 28 counties and Minneapolis, MN to remove foul odors from homes and buildings. Our odor removal service has tackled everything from skunks and smoke to biohazard challenges. Each project requires an experienced crew that understands the issues for your structure and the best methods to eliminate the odors. The latest approaches to odor removal are at our disposal when tackling any job.

Odor Removal Process

Frequently odor cleanup requires a combination of techniques to eliminate the smell. Our technicians are experienced in using a variety of odor removal techniques such as ozone treatments, absorption technology, and hydroxyl technology to remove the source of the odor and mask the smells. The odor cleanup services that we offer include the following:

  • Smoke and Fire Odor Cleanup
  • Pet Odor Cleanup
  • Dead Animal Odor Removal
  • Biohazard Odor Removal
  • Ozone Odor Removal

While we may use several different odor removal methods to help mask or eliminate the odor, the odor removal process is basically the same for each project. Our odor removal process includes the following steps:

  • Removal of the odor source
  • Treatment of contaminated surfaces
  • Treatment of air spaces
  • Air washing
  • Documentation of odor removal services

Lingering odors in a home or building can be obnoxious to live with and they can linger for years if the proper action is not taken. ServiceMaster Professional Services can completely remove unpleasant odors from your home or office in 28 counties and Minneapolis, MN with our odor cleanup services. Our technicians know when to use each method and for how long which will yield pleasantly surprising results. Contact us online or call us at (320) 208-9569 to learn more.