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6 Unexpected Fire Hazards in Your Home

Many people are aware of the common fire hazards that can take place in a home such as unattended candles or a stove being left on. However, what about the fire hazards in homes that are not as predictable? Not being aware of these can create huge safety issues. Here are six unexpected fire hazards that we want you to know about.

Unexpected Fire Hazards

1. Laptops


Laptops can overheat and get quite hot if left on for a long time. Most people love laptops because you can take them anywhere, however, this can be a fire hazard. If a laptop is left on a couch, bed, blanket, etc, it can prevent airflow from the vents which cool your device. This can actually create enough heat to start a fire. Keep your laptop on a hard surface such as a table when you are not using it to prevent an accidental fire.

2. Paper Stacks

a stack of papers

Stacks of paper or newspaper can be a hazard if they get close to a source of heat in your home. They can catch fire easily and spread quickly. If you have a lot of papers, be sure to keep them in an area that is cool and dry. Also, separate the stacks so they are not too large. Storing paperwork electronically is a much safer option.

3. Dryer Lint

dryer with a towel inside

It’s easy to forget about your dryer but a buildup of dryer lint can be very dangerous. Dryers produce a large amount of heat when in use. With excessive lint and heat combined a fire can ignite. Clean your dryer lint regularly to be on the safe side.

4. Dust

hand cleaning a vent with a blue sponge

Not only is dust build up a sight for sore eyes but if around electrical outlets, floor heaters or any sockets and sparks ignite then dust can light on fire. Vacuum and dust carefully around these areas to prevent this from occurring.

5. Clutter

Cluttered room

Too much clutter is a fire hazard because if clutter blocks pathways, doors, or windows, and a fire occurs then you won’t be able to escape your home quickly. A fire is also more likely to spread faster when clutter is around your house.

6. Charcoal

Charcoal grill on fire

Be safe with charcoal after grilling, if charcoal is damp, it could ignite itself and start a serious fire. To be on the safe side, put charcoal in a metal pail or garbage can and secure it tightly with a lid and keep it in a dry, cool area.

Your safety is our top priority. Remember should you ever need any of services ServiceMaster Restoration is here for you 24/7, 365 days a week. With years of experience in fire and smoke restoration, we are known for our consistency, speed and high standard of customer service. Call us today at 704-527-1151.