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Dangerous Chemicals Hiding in Your Home

Cleaning products are used in homes every day. From soaps to disinfectants, to all-purpose cleaners, they all promise to get your home shiny and new. So what is actually in these products that we use? Not all of them are bad, but many of them have some pretty scary ingredients. In fact, environmental experts say there are around 62 toxic chemicals found in the average household.

What are these dangerous chemicals?


These are found in the fragrance of most household products. Detergent, air freshener, and just about anything with a scent can contain phthalates. They have been shown to negatively affect hormones, cause migraines, trigger asthma, and are dangerous when in contact with skin or inhaled. By switching to unscented products you can reduce your exposure to this nasty chemical.


This is a common ingredient in glass cleaners and is great for getting things sparkly and shiny, but it is definitely not great for you. Ammonia is very powerful and can be especially bad for elderly people and those with asthma or breathing problems. If mixed with bleach it can even create a dangerous gas.

Glycol Ethers

Glycol ethers are very powerful solvents used in many cleaners. According to the EPA high levels of Glycol can cause severe liver and kidney damage. Anytime you are in a closed space such as in a bathroom- cleaning, be sure to open the windows and have ventilation. Breathing in these chemicals can be very harmful.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide is found in oven cleaners and drain openers. it can cause extreme burns when in contact with skin or eyes. When used regularly it can cause a chronic sore throat. Consider using some homemade options such as baking soda and vineyard to unclog a drain.

Beware of these hidden chemicals in your home. There are safer options out there. Remember that Servicemaster Quality Restoration in Charlotte, NC is open 24/7 for all of your disaster restoration needs this season. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority. Call us today at (704) 324-8528.