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Do You have a Home Inventory Checklist?

Creating a home inventory of your belongings can expedite the insurance claims process.  Honestly, do you remember all the possessions you have in the garage alone? At ServiceMaster Quality Restoration in Charlotte, NC we recommend creating a digital home inventory checklist. Here’s how you can start creating an inventory checklist
  1. Take inventory of your possessions by room
  2. Include receipts, descriptions, and photos
  3. Take advantage of tools offered by your homeowner's insurance. For example, StateFarm offers a checklist and tools.
  4. Be sure all the elements of your inventory checklist are digital
  5. Email your checklist to yourself or taking advantage of free online storage space that Google or Microsoft offers with email accounts

In the case of a flood or fire where some electronics could possibly be damaged, you can easily retrieve your checklist at any computer.

How Can I Get Started?

One option is to buy software: There are many reputable home inventory list software packages out there for purchase. These are completely digital, and they let you store photos, videos, and other proofs of purchase along with providing you a list template to use.

Another option is to use a free digital template (if you’re old-school, click here to download a printable version). Although purchasing software is ideal, it is extremely easy for you to create your own for free. Be sure to put any photos and copies of receipts in the same digital folder that contains your list.

Preparing for the unexpected can seem like a burden, but the contents that fill your home are worth it.  If you are ever in need of water damage repair or fire damage repair, call ServiceMaster Quality Restoration. We serve the greater Charlotte, NC area.