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Don’t Be Fooled by Rental Equipment Guarantees for Your Commercial Floors

Being a business owner comes with fiscal responsibility, and sometimes this accountability turns us into DIYers. Got a leaky faucet? Watch an online video tutorial on how to fix it! Need your gutters cleaned? Rent a ladder and get to it! In an attempt to cut costs and sharpen our repair skills, we sometimes overestimate our ability to care for our investments in the long run.

When it comes to carpets, you should never clean them with any type of portable or rental machine yourself. While at-home units like Rug Doctor or Bissell may work well enough for spot carpet cleaning, they are truly not powerful enough to get the whole job done correctly. At-home carpet cleaning tools often leave a soapy residue in your carpet, which will actually attract more soil. Lingering moisture in your carpet allows soil to move through the carpet fibers so that stains you thought were removed will come back as the carpet fully dries.

In comparison to our professional carpet cleaning equipment, there is a considerable difference in power and suction from standard rental equipment. We’ll ensure a complete clean and extract all water and moisture when finished, protecting your carpet from returning stains or the possibility of mold growth.

Even hard surface floors of all types (vinyl, hardwood, terrazzo, ceramic, etc.) require substantial attention and care in order to preserve their longevity. Using the wrong cleaning products or equipment could damage them beyond repair. We’re industry leaders in commercial hard surface floor care and understand the nuances of each individual floor surface.

Being a do-it-yourselfer is something to be proud of, but when it carpets and hard surface floors it’s not about ability, it’s about having the right equipment and tools. Let ServiceMaster Quality Restoration clean your carpets and floors in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and we’ll guarantee a spotless clean.