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Eliminate Pet Odors

There is no doubt our furry friends make life better, but they can also make houses messy and even smelly.  From hair on your couch to accidents on your floors, your pets can leave your home smelling less than perfect. Eliminate bad odors and keep your home smelling fresh and clean with the following methods.

Tackle Smells

dog and family

Bad odor can come from pet hair and dander. Vacuum areas that pets are in often, even furniture that they sit on. You can use a squeegee on couches to get the fur off. If you have hardwoods or tile, use a swifter or a mop. Using an odor eliminator such as Febreze on fabrics and carpets can also be very helpful. Don’t forget about the corners of the room where fur tends to collect.

Odors from pet accidents can be very hard to deal with. You can attempt to clean the area where pet urine is, but if it is bad enough then no DIY method will work. You will need to have the problem taken care of by a professional. Hire a company to clean your carpets.  Make sure that they use a hot water extraction process and have experience in pet/urine cleaning. 

However, if it is severe more drastic measures need to be taken. Specifically in the case of cat urine. Cat urine can get embedded very deep into the pad of your carpet and can be dangerous for you to breathe. If your issue has gotten to this point then you will need to replace your carpet and padding.  A professional can remove the materials and scrub/seal the floor underneath before replacing it. This is really the only guaranteed method to eliminate pet urine from your home. 

Wash Pet Spots

a dog under bed covers

Every pet has a special spot they love to hang out in the most. Wash the fabric from your pet’s favorite spots every other week. Take all the slipcovers from your furniture, bedding, pet blankets, and towels and throw them in the wash. This will help to tackle stinky smells quickly. Also, give your dog a weekly bath to keep their fur smelling great. 

Wipe Paws

a dog in a bucket taking a bath

When you take your dog out for a walk, wipe their paws before coming back inside to prevent stains and bad smells from occurring. For an easy method,  dip their paws in a bucket of water by the door and dry with a towel.

By following any one of these tips, you will be on your way to a cleaner, pet odor-free home. Remember that ServiceMaster Restoration is available should you need any of our services. We offer 24/7 Emergency Fire and Water Damage Services. No mess is too big for us to handle.