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Four Signs that Water Damage is Causing Mold Growth in Your Home

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration wants to make sure that your Charlotte home or business stays as safe as possible during the wet season

During winter, it is very common for many homes and businesses in Charlotte to experience water damage or flooding; however, what many home and business owners don’t know is that water damage, when left untreated, can be very dangerous. Water damage can often happen in the internal infrastructure of the property – this means that inhabitants can go for a very long time without noticing visible damages to their home or business. This gives mold spores an environment to thrive. 

At ServiceMaster Quality Restoration, our priority is to prevent mold from growing in the first place. Although water damage also requires professional help, mold is more dangerous due to the fact that it can be a biohazard to clean up. This is why we’re giving you tips to spot water damage before mold begins to grow. If you see:

  1. Warped structures: If the walls around your windows, surfaces around your sink or your ceiling are warped and look damaged, call a professional immediate
    ly before mold starts to grow.
  2. Discoloration: If you see your walls or ceilings slowly changing color, this is a sure sign that your property has water damage. Call a professional for an inspection immediately!
  3. Peeling paint: If your home has paint peeling inside (or outside), and you can’t find the cause, this could be from water damage.
  4. Pipe Corrosion: One of the biggest signs of water damage is corrosion in your pipes. These tell-tale signs indicate that water is where it’s not supposed to be because it’s leaking from your plumbing. When left untreated, this could lead to mold damage.

Mold in a celling and pipe damage