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How To Prevent Winter Water Damage

Now that winter is here, freezing temperatures and snow may occur in many locations. Don’t be caught off guard, winter weather can cause costly water damage to your home if you are not prepared. We want to help you avoid any damage by giving you some great tips below.

Culprits of winter water damage and how to protect yourself 

Freezing Pipes

Pipe with frozen water in snow

Pipes that are exposed to freezing temperatures can burst, causing severe water damage. There are ways you can help to prevent pipes from freezing. First, be sure to seal any cracks or holes in the foundation or walls around pipes with caulk. Second, you can provide insulation to your pipes. You can do this yourself using foam rubber or you can hire a professional plumber to do the work. Lastly, when freezing temperatures are about to occur, leave your water on a slow drip to prevent freezing. All of these are great ways to prevent burst pipes. If you do experience a burst pipe, turn your water off immediately to avoid a huge disaster.

Ice Dams

Icicles on the side of a home

An ice dam can occur when heat from your attic warms any snow that may be on your roof. The melted snow can freeze and create ice dams. If you do not prevent these or remove them, they can cause water damage to roof and your house. Prevent ice dams by cleaning your gutters and making sure your attic is insulated and well ventilated to control temperatures. All of this will help lessen the chance of an ice dam from happening.

Roof  Vulnerability

The roof of a home

Make sure your roof is in great condition before snow comes. If your roof is questionable, have a professional come and inspect it before winter. Roofs are only designed to hold so much weight, therefore, should snow accumulate 6 inches or more you need to remove it from your roof. Too much snow on a weak roof will cause it to collapse, leaving you with a mess of water damage.

We hope these tips will keep your home safe from any winter weather. ServiceMaster Restoration is equipped to handle any type of water damage to your home. Should you experience water damage to your home this winter, please give us a call. Our services are available 365 days a year, 7 days a week. We offer years of experience and would be honored to serve you in your time of need.