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How To Stay Safe During Strong Winds

The month of March can bring windy weather. With cold winter air moving out and warm air moving in, strong winds can form. Wind gusts of 25 mph can cause damage to your home and cause potential danger. We want you to be safe and prepared in the face of severe winds.  We hope that by following our tips, you can remain unaffected by these winds.

Tips to Stay Safe 

Secure Your Outdoor Property

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If you have enough warning ahead of time, you can prepare. Move patio furniture indoors or into your garage. Other large items need to be moved indoors or secured as well, such as trampolines, grills, garbage cans, or any objects that can fly into the air and cause danger.

Get in a Safe Spot

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If you are at home when severe winds hit, you need to get your family in a safe spot, away from windows or glass doors. In homes that have a basement, this would be the best place to go. If you don’t have a basement, get to a safe spot on the first floor. Remember to take your emergency kit with you. Don’t have an emergency kit? Make one today, you can find out how at If you are driving during strong winds, pull over and stay put in a place away from trees until the winds settle.

Stay Updated on the Weather

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Keep informed on severe winds and storms by listening to the weather channel. Have a battery-powered radio in case your power goes out. If you still have power then the weather can be monitored through radio, tv, or even your cell phone. Responding quickly to weather warnings is the best way you can keep your family and your home safe.

If your home is damaged by severe winds, ServiceMaster Restoration is ready to respond. We provide professional restoration services and are prepared to put your home back together. Contact us today at (704) 324-8528.