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Hurricane Safety

A hurricane is one of the most powerful and violent storms that occur on earth.  Did you know that hurricanes are most prone to strike from June to November? This is due to the oceans warming up during the summer months.  During these months, it is super important to know how to stay safe should you face this dangerous force of nature.

 What is a hurricane? 

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Strong winds are created during the warmer months, which push ocean water into a large mound creating the center of the storm. This water and wind can continue to grow, forming a tropical cyclone. This becomes dangerous if it is strong enough to reach land. Once it comes into contact with the land you could have a full-blown hurricane on your hands.

Because of the dangers and damage that a hurricane brings, we want to be sure you know how to stay safe. Before we discuss safety, be sure to read our previous blog on making an emergency kit for storms.( You will want to have your emergency kit ready before a hurricane occurs to ensure the highest safety.

 Tips for Safety

  • First, if your area has a hurricane warning, you will need to pay close attention to your local news. Be aware of any evacuations. If you need to leave your area then do so in plenty of time ahead.

  • Keep a battery-operated radio nearby at all times so that you can stay up to date on the weather if the power goes out.

  • Be sure to get inside immediately when the storm starts. If you live in a mobile home you need to get to a shelter right away.

  • Find a safe spot in your home, away from all windows and doors. Try to get in an interior room on your bottom floor. If you have time, grab a mattress to place over your head.

  • Do not use any electrical appliances in case of lightning and refrain from taking showers or using water during the storm.

  • Try to avoid getting near any flood water because it can be contaminated.

  • Stay in your safe place until you are notified by the local radio that the storm is over and you are safe to come out.

Dealing with the aftermath

Fallen tree on a home

If you experience damage to your home after a hurricane then you will need to know what to do. Always practice safety when proceeding after a hurricane by keeping away from any power lines that are down and away from flooded areas.  If you feel safe enough, you can take pictures of your damage and document it for your insurance company.

In order to repair your home, you will need a restoration company.  ServiceMaster Restoration is able to handle any needs you have regarding fire, smoke, water damage, mold remediation, and trauma damage. We offer full-service mitigation, remediation, restoration clean up, cleaning, and construction.    If your home is damaged by a storm, we are ready to respond. We know what a difficult time this can be and are prepared to put your home back together.

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