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Prevent Water Damage in Your Laundry Room

Water damage in laundry rooms is a common problem for homeowners. Why is this? Besides your bathroom and your water heater, the laundry room is a place in your home that uses most of your water. There are several things that can happen with your washing machine that can cause a water leak. Water leaks bring water damage which can lead to some costly repairs. If your laundry room is on the second floor, this can create damage to multiple floors. We want to prevent this from happening to you by showing you some ways to cut down your risk. By taking a few preventative measures, you can help yourself avoid a mess.

Tips to Prevent Water Damage

1.Don’t Leave Your Laundry Unattended

When you’re doing a load of wash, stick around the house. That way if there are any issues you will be able to catch them right away. It is never a good idea to leave the washer or dryer on when you are not home. As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry.

2.Clean Washing Machine Filter

If your machine has a built-in filter, check it regularly and clean it. This will help to keep water from leaking onto your floor below. Don’t forget to clean the screens as well.

3.Install a Tray Under Washing Machine

Some washers come with a tray, but if yours does not go ahead and buy a water tray to go underneath your machine. They are very inexpensive and will catch any leaks that may occur. This keeps water off your floor to help minimize any water damage.

4.Turn off Water When not in Use

You can turn off the water supply to your machine when it is not in use. This will lessen pressure that is put on the supply lines. If you don’t do anything else, do this. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent leaks.

5.Routinely Check Your Washing Machine Lines 

Check you lines from time to time. Make sure they do not have any tears, cracks or loose connections where a leak could occur. Should you see any problems, you need to replace the line right away.

6.Install an Automatic Water Shutoff Valve

You can purchase an automatic water shutoff valve for your machine if you want to be extra safe. This device uses sensors and can detect if there is any water going onto your floor and it will turn the water off. It also only allows water to flow when your machine is turned on and in use. 

By following our preventative tips, we hope to keep you free from water damage. Of course, should you experience water damage to your home,

ServiceMaster Restoration is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help in emergencies such as these. Our professional technicians use advanced products, procedures, and equipment to take care of your water damage. Don’t try to handle it on your own. We are here to help.