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Reconstruction After a Water Loss

The aftermath of a water loss can be devastating. After emergency mitigation is finished, there is still more work that needs to be done to restore your home. The rebuilding of your home is called the reconstruction phase, this phase can be lengthy and confusing at times.  Once you have had professionals extract the water and your home cleaned up and dried, this is the next step. Most of the time you will need additional work to return your home to its pre-loss condition. This is where reconstruction comes in. The reconstruction process is handled differently than the mitigation portion of your job. For example, things move much slower at this stage of things. 

Who to Hire

Usually, the next steps are for you to identify a company to do the reconstruction. Your insurance company and your adjuster might be able to help you with that decision. You may want to go with the same company who performed your mitigation for reconstruction if they offer these services. Or you may go with someone that your insurance provider recommends. Some insurers want you to only use a company that is on their vendor list because they have already vetted that company as meeting standards that should be in place. Either way, you will want to use a professional, certified and insured reconstruction company.

What Happens if you Choose to be your Own General Contractor

Depending on the size of your water loss, you may be thinking of repairing your home yourself. This is generally not recommended. A professional reconstruction company is able to perform all services needed to restore your home, should you choose to go on your own your work may or may not be covered by your insurance company. Reconstruction can be tricky, at any point should your own reconstruction cause any further damage, this will not be covered. It is by far safer and smarter to stick with a professional.

How Your Insurance is Involved

Each insurance carrier has their own process for the reconstruction needed in your home. What follows here is some general information about the process and might not apply in your case. Always check with your adjuster on your company’s processes. It takes several days or several of weeks for the insurance adjuster and the construction company you choose to agree upon the scope of work and the price of that work. Any negotiations that are taking place as to the coverage and the cost of this work is done between these two parties.

The adjuster and the construction company must ultimately agree upon an estimated price for the work and scope of work. This agreed upon price includes the portion you will pay, which is what your deductible represents. Before the work begins you should expect that the construction company will want to collect your deductible if applicable. They will also develop a draw schedule for payments on the work, which will fund the job as it is in progress.

You will want to review this whole process with your adjuster so that you understand your specific insurance company’s process and procedure for this.

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