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Restoring Your Office Carpets & Upholstery After Major Water Damage

CHARLOTTE: Water damage is never a pleasant thing to experience, but for a business, it can mean the difference between staying in business and losing valuable customers and revenue.  If your office has recently become flooded, there are some things you can do to mitigate the costs, and it starts before you call the Charlotte water damage recovery experts.

Step One: Call Your Insurance
Alert them to your situation before you do anything else, and ask them for advice. If their advice contradicts any of the information below, omit any information in this article and listen to your insurance agent. They will know more about your specific situation and can provide the appropriate advice for your scenario.

Step Two: Call the Charlotte Water Damage Restoration Crew
Get your best water damage restoration service providers on the job as soon as you’ve done your due diligence with the insurance company.

Step Three: Move Everything
The first thing to do once you’ve off the phone is move all of your items out of the water, from décor items and furniture to pictures and small trinkets. If you don’t, your insurance company may deny your water damage claim on the grounds that you didn’t even attempt to save your belongings.

Step Four: Dry What You Can
If you happen to have a sump pump on hand, start extracting the water.  If you don’t, do what you can to get your belongings dry. It may be as simple as wiping down your furniture, spreading out wet documents, or using fans to dry your carpets. Just be sure you concentrate on the most valuable items first.