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The Importance of Cleaning Your Attic

The Importance of Cleaning Your Attic

When was the last time you were in your attic? Attics are usually the least visited area in a home and often go unchecked for long periods of time. However, ignoring your attic can be a big mistake. Neglected attics can create some major issues that you don’t want. Here is what can happen if you don’t clean your attic on a regular basis.

Rodent Infestations


If you don’t check your attic periodically, it is possible you may find some critters making a home in there. This can be more common during the colder months. Cleaning your attic will allow you to get rid of any rodents or droppings that can be dangerous to you and your families health.

Mold Growth

Wet Window

Cracks or holes in your attic that are not repaired can allow water or moisture to come into your home. This can cause mold to grow, which is not only bad for the structure of your home but  bad for your health, as mold spores can go into the air. By cleaning your attic, you will recognize these areas and be able to take care of them before they get out of control.

Damaged Belongings

Damaged Belongings

Most of our attics are a storage area for items we are not using at the time. Your attic needs to be cleaned and dusted in order to keep these items clean. You don’t want your belongings to get damaged.

Unhealthy Air


Have allergies? Dirty and dusty air in your attic can circulate into your home, making them worse. By keeping your attic clean, this will help to improve air quality and help you to breathe easy.

You can see why cleaning your attic is so important.  ServiceMaster Restoration wants every home to be safe and healthy. By cleaning your attic you can help to avoid the above scenarios. If you need more information or help restoring your home after a disaster, ServiceMaster Restoration is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is our goal to get the job done successfully and properly, getting your life and property back to normal. Call us today at (704) 324-8528.