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Top 5 Myths About Mold

There is no doubt that mold can be dangerous and potentially harmful to your health. It is a fact that this nasty fungus is something you don’t want to hang around in your home. However, when it comes to mold, there are so many different findings out there, how do you know what to believe? Knowing the truth and what to do is important when it comes to mold. That is why we have brought you the top five myths about mold and explain why you shouldn’t believe them.

If you only see a little mold, it’s no big deal
Think if you have a little spot of mold in your home than you can ignore it? This is simply not true. First, you may only be able to visually see a small amount on a certain surface but this does not mean there is not more in areas around it that you cannot see. Only a professional will be able to tell. Mold can breed rapidly. Because mold needs a source of moisture to grow, if you do not find the moisture issue you are never going to get rid of the mold. Mold is often a sign of a leak of some kind. If the source creating your mold is not taken care of in a timely manner, then you could have a lot more mold on your hands and quickly. See a small spot of mold? Take care of it before you have a big problem.

Bleach can kill mold
The idea that bleach can kill all mold is not true. Many people think that if they clean the area of mold with bleach it will cure their mold problem, this is not so. Bleach can only kill live mold, not mold spores. and is only helpful with certain mold types. Also, bleach can only help mold that is on non-porous items. It will be of no use on items that are porous. There is still research being done on bleach and mold, not using it correctly can create more damage that before. You may be tempted, but it is best to keep the bleach away if you see mold.

There should absolutely be no mold in your home
To completely rid your home of mold is almost impossible. The reality is that mold spores are everywhere, in the air around you and even outside in our environment. These natural mold spores are not dangerous enough to affect you. The issue is when mold becomes large enough to be seen and in amounts high enough that can be harmful in your home.

You can clean mold yourself
It is never a good idea to try and clean up mold yourself. You need a professional who is trained and can properly assess the situation. Wiping the area and thinking it is clean is not going to cut it. Mold remediation is a skilled process, it involves isolating the mold to keep it from spreading, cleaning the mold and removal. Professionals have the knowledge and specialized equipment to handle mold. Even if you are not sure you will use a professional, it never hurts to call and get their advice. When it comes to mold, you want to ere on the side of caution.

Cleaning mold cures the problem
Simply cleaning or having the mold cleaned up is not the end of your mold issue. You will need to have the affected material in your home removed and replaced. The allergens from the mold will still be in the area and can invade the air around it unless removed. This process is done with a lot of caution, removal must be done very carefully so that allergens to not spread. Yet another reason to use a professional.

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