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Warning Signs of Mold In Your Basement

What’s in your basement? For the most part, you probably know the answer to this question but what if there are things in your basement you don’t know about? Besides an unwanted pest or two, the worst thing you can have hiding in your basement is mold.  So how do you know if there is mold in your basement? It’s important to be aware of this and take care of it before it becomes a bigger issue

Warning Signs

1. Is there a musty smell in your home or in your basement? The first sign of mold is a bad odor.  If you do smell something, than that is a huge warning. Try to pinpoint the area where you detect it, then look around for visual signs.  Remember it is often in cracks or hard to see areas.

2. Look around your basement on the floors and walls.  Also check the back of the stairs.  If you see any streaks of patches of color, it can be a sign of black mold.  It can be slimy and the color could be black or green.  To be extra safe, check around any sinks in your basement or pipes.

3. Check for any wet areas in your basement or areas or spots with moisture. This will be a prime area for mold to grow.  If you see any staining on the floor, it could be due to water.

4.  Examine any insulation in your basement to be sure it isn’t wet.  Also be aware of wallpaper or paint that is beginning to peel. This tells you that there is moisture and a good possibility of mold.

5.  Check any furniture that your store in the basement, shelves and closets.  Be sure you don’t leave any area unchecked.

We hope you follow our tips to ensure that your basement is mold free.  A significant amount of mold can impact indoor air quality and can be difficult and costly to remove. To prevent the spread of mold it is important to react quickly in the event of a water loss.

Should you find mold in  your home, give us a call. Our professionally trained technicians use the latest mold remediation and drying techniques to deliver quality results.