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What is the Pack Out Process After a Home Disaster?

What is the Pack Out Process After a Home Disaster?

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Have you been affected by damage recently due to water, fire or mold in your home? Is so, then you know how important it is to attempt to save the contents in your home. Even if your contents have not yet been damaged, you may still want to protect them during the restoration process. Protecting and restoring your personal items after a disaster is done through the pack out process. This is when your restoration company removes and takes your damaged contents (or contents that need to be protected), to another location. The new location will allow your contents to be kept safe and to be restored.


1. First, your company will sort your contents into two categories, unsalvageable and salvageable. If your items are found to be salvageable this means they can be saved or restored. If your items are unsalvageable, they will need to be discarded since they are damaged beyond the point of being able to be restored. It is very important after a home disaster that you do not discard ANY of your contents until your adjuster comes to inspect them. Even if you feel they are not worth keeping, wait to do anything until your adjuster arrives.
2. Once this step is done, your restoration company will then document all items that can be saved and all items that cannot. They will record and take pictures of any items that have preexisting damage. This is important for you and your insurance company to have on record. This way when your contents are returned, you will be assured that you have all items back. It will also clear up any confusion whether items were damaged during pack out, or if they were damaged before.
3. Contents that can be saved are then carefully packed and moved to a secured location. Your restoration company will handle all your items with special care, wrapping items in paper, boxing and labeling everything. When your items are all packed, they will be loaded delicately onto a truck. They will then be moved to the location where they will be cleaned and restored. It is very important to keep personal items that you will need with you. Do not allow everyday items to be taken during the pack out such as your curling iron, etc. You will not be able to access the items once they are in the stored location.
4. Once they are at the safe location, your items will be cleaned and restored to their pre-loss condition using specialized equipment and products. Don’t worry, your restoration company will keep you updated throughout the process so you will know exactly what is going on and when to expect your items returned.
5. After your items are restored and the repairs to your home are completed, your restoration company will return your contents to you safely. Please note, your items cannot be returned until the job is completed on your home. This can take longer than expected so be patient, your items will be returned to you.

If you have been faced with water, fire or mold damage to your home, let the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration take care of you. We realize how important it is to get your contents cleaned immediately, before they cannot be saved. We are highly experienced in the restoration process, including pack out. Call us today. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week ready to respond to you.