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What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Home

What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Home

Trees are beautiful and a stunning part of nature.  They can make your yard look majestic and give you some wonderful shade. However, trees are heavy and can cause an extensive of damage if they fall on your home. Whether it be from strong winds, storms or a diseased tree, if a tree falls on your home it will make its mark.  So what do you do should a tree falls on your house?

1.  Evacuate Your Home Right Away

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As soon as a tree hits your home, be sure you and your family get out as quickly and safely as possible.  Be extra careful if there  are power lines down and wait to use your cell phone until you are out of the house.  Bring your emergency kit with you. If you don’t have an emergency kit, you should make one as soon as possible.

2.  Call 911

Do not attempt to deal with a fallen tree on your own. To ensure the safety of all involved, call 911. They will send the appropriate respondents to the scene.   You need them to make sure your home is safe to re enter and be sure that no one has been injured.  If someone has been injured stay calm and wait for an ambulance to arrive.

3.  Call Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company to file a claim for your home.  Once you start the process with them than they can instruct you  on how to proceed.  You will want to be sure the removal of the tree and your home repairs are covered before you begin any work.  If your tree falls on a neighbors home, your neighbor will make a claim with their insurance but you still need to notify your insurance company as well.

4.  Contact a Roofing Contractor

Go ahead and call a local roofing contractor to assess the damage.  If you are unsure of who to call, your adjuster may be able to help you with recommendations, or find a trustworthy company with a good reputation that you feel comfortable with.  Do not try to do the work on your own, even if it seems small, only a professional knows the extent of structural damage that has occurred.

5.  Take Photos and Secure Belongings

 It’s always a good idea to take photos of the damage.  Be careful when taking pictures and don’t attempt to get on your roof.  If you will need to be out of your home for some time, be sure to secure any valuables.  Make sure your doors and windows are  locked and take anything that you may need with you.

Your safety is our number one priority. Follow these steps to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

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