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Winterize Your Deck

Winter can bring some harsh weather and it is important to prepare your deck if you have not done so already. Winterizing your deck will keep it protected and give it a longer life. Here are four important steps to take to keep your deck in prime condition before those cold months hit. 

Clean It

Shoes standing on a deck with leaves

Sweep off any debris, dirt, and leaves from your deck because they will trap moisture and lead to wood rot. Remove any potted plants or items that sit on your deck as well. After your deck is swept and cleared off, wash it with soap and water. Scrub any problem areas. Then rinse it clean with your hose. 

Trim Nearby Branches


If you have large trees near your deck, trim the branches that overhang so that they are not prone to drop leaves or even fall on it. Any cold weather that hits can freeze branches and cause them to break off onto your deck. 

Power Wash

Powerwashing a deck

Get your deck in pristine shape before winter hits by power washing your deck. This will remove any mildew or heavy stains that you have had trouble washing off normally. If you don’t take care of these issues they will only get worse with time. 

Protect From Water


If you have not waterproofed or sealed your deck in a while or ever then it is time to do so. First, make sure your deck is completely dry and then seal it with a water repellant that will protect it from water and snow during the winter.

By taking the time to winterize your deck now you will save yourself from costly repairs down the road. You will be so glad you did when those beautiful spring days are here and you can enjoy it.

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