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Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

Despite the recent dip in the temperature, it won’t be long before spring weather is here. The weather will be warming up, flowers will be blooming and windows will be opening.  Now is the time to give your home that top to bottom cleaning that it deserves.  Don’t get overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning your home. We have put together a guide of the most important tasks to get your home spic and span in no time.

 Top Tasks

Vacuum and Deep Clean Your Carpets

Carpets hold a lot of dirt and dust.  Over the winter, they can get very dirty.  It is important you clean them so germs do not accumulate. Spring is the perfect time for this. Start by going over all your carpets with your vacuum. Then, rent a carpet cleaning machine or make the investment to buy one.  Better yet, make it easier on yourself and hire a professional to do the work. In fact, ServiceMaster Restoration offers excellent carpet cleaning services.

Clean walls, cabinets, baseboards

Build up occurs on your cabinets, walls, and baseboards over time. Use a damp washcloth on your baseboards and walls. Wipe them down so remove any dirt and dust.  You may do the same on your cabinets but you may want to use a specialized cabinet cleaner to remove any grease or debris from food.

Dust your light fixtures and ceiling fans

Grab a step ladder and a cloth and get to work cleaning off your ceiling lights and fans.  Dirt and dust in these places are hard to see and may get overlooked.  Take this time to clean them and watch them shine.

Organize your closets

We all hate the dreaded chore of organizing our closets but spring is the best time to do it. Go through and get rid of any clothes, shoes, or accessories you haven’t worn in a while. Donate them to a local goodwill or help center. Your closet will look great and you will feel great about giving to others in need.

Wash your windows

Give your windows a nice cleaning. Use a good glass cleaner and make sure no streaks are left behind.  It is best to do the cleaning on an overcast day so that you can see that there are no marks.

Clean out your refrigerator

Go through your refrigerator and freezer, discard any food that is expired.  Wipe down the inside with soap and water. Scrub any areas that are needed. Organize the contents inside. Wipe off the exterior with a cleaner right for your refrigerator type. You will feel great once you see how clean it looks.

Now that you have our tips, you can start your spring cleaning.  If you don’t wish to do it all at once, perform one task each day until you have accomplished them.  You will feel great about starting your spring with a house that is fresh and clean!

Remember that ServiceMaster Restoration is available should you need our services. We offer 24/7 Emergency Fire and Water Damage Services. No mess is too big for us to handle.

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Happy Spring Cleaning!