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Rain Proof Your Home

Rain Proof Your Home

During the months of February and March when Spring is around the corner, there can be quite a bit of rain. Too much rain can wreak havoc on your house and yard if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent this from occurring. So, don’t worry if you are in the middle of a rainy period, here are a few simple ways to rainproof your home. 

Clear Rain Gutters

Make sure that rainwater can pass through drains and gutters to avoid flooding. Clear any leaves that are stuck in your gutter so that rainwater does not overflow and seep into windows. Ensure that water is directed away from the foundation of your home to prevent any leaks or damage. 
Repair Cracks or LeaksCheck your walls for cracks where water can seep in, and fill them with caulk. Inspect your roof at least twice a year for holes or cracks. Replace or patch up defective roof tiles. 

Secure Doors and Windows

Make doors and windows airtight by securing gaps in doors and window frames to keep draft and rain from coming in. Apply weather stripping if needed. Sealing cracks around these areas with weather stripping not only will prevent leaks but will also keep out cold drafts.

Cut Dead Branches.

Strong rain storms can bring high winds that can cause dead branches to break and fall on your home. Prevent this from happening by removing them before the onset of heavy rains.

Maintain Electrical Wires

Clean up any electrical wires that you have outside of your home to avoid short circuits or dangerous situations that could happen during a rainstorm. Never plug lights or other cords into a wet outlet outdoors. 

If you experience any damage due to rain, ServiceMaster Restoration is ready to respond. We provide professional restoration services and are prepared to put your home back together. Contact us today at (704) 324-8528.